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Harriet's Escape Peach Cobbler 
Harriet's Escape Vegan Peach Cobbler
Dr. Thomas Adam's Philosophy Pecan Cobbler
Exquisite Nicksology Macaroons

The King's Coconut Cake Bites
The Trinity Experience Peanut Butter Fig Cookies
TuTu's Apple'licious Apple Cobbler 
Momma Taught Me Well Lemon Pound Cake
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What people are saying...

“Running a restaurant based on authenticity and quality makes it hard to find the right pairings. Thankfully, there’s Lutunji’s peach cobblers! It has such bold flavors with a great story, it had to be added to the Pimento Jamaican Kitchen menu! Perfect for all menus at home or takeout, served warm or cold: pure joy and yumminess! “ 


Tomme Beevas

Co-Founder Pimento Jamaican Kitchen


Partnering with Lutunji's Palate Fall & Winter 2019 was nothing short of AMAZING! Sales were great and people LOVED the vegan cobbler so much!!


Michelle Courtright

CEO, Fig + Farro

"The best peach cobbler I've ever had"

"I have made a huge mistake. 
This is the second week in a row that I have gotten here too late,
and it's already sold out!"
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Lunds & Byerlys Downtown:

1201 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis MN 55403


Lunds & Byerlys Northeast:

25 University Ave S.E. Minneapolis MN 55414


Lunds & Byerlys Uptown:

1450 W Lake Street Minneapolis MN 55408

Lunds & Byerlys Nokomis:

4725 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Lunds & Byerlys Golden Valley:

5725 Duluth St Golden Valley 55422

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About Us

Lutunji’s Palate is a social enterprise fueled by love and built with purpose.  Back in 2018, Lutunji Abram, M.A. met with the Pastor of an historic church in South Minneapolis to discuss the Charter School for teen parents she developed in partnership with her organization, Voices of Effective Change. Lutunji blessed him with her signature peach cobbler as a sign of respect and gratitude. He took one bite, and Lutunji’s Palate was born. 


He loved it so much he insisted she use their commercial kitchen to create a line of gourmet desserts and that his team would provide all the support she needed.  This was the divine order manifested.  In that powerful moment, Lutunji knew that her passion for delicious treats, and the joy they bring, would be the catalyst for her mission to bring effective change to our community.  

Every scrumptious bite of Lutunji’s Palate Gourmet Cakes, Cobblers and More, contributes to youth development, teen parental support, and transition assistance for Men returning to society from incarceration, providing the space, education, resources and experience they need to grow and thrive.  Click here to Learn more about Voices of Effective Change


Lutunji's Palate Gourmet desserts are available at Lunds & Byerly's (Downtown, Northeast, Uptown, Nokomis, and Golden Valley)  North Market, Minneapolis Farmers Market Annex, Seasoned Specialty Market, Handsome Hog, and Pimento Kitchen. Brick and mortar bakery and cafe coming soon!  


Lutunji’s Palate. Built with Purpose, Fortified with Love